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Impact screens

Golf Simulator Screens


One size does not fit all

Custom made screens

Our impact screens are flexible to suit any simulator setup.
We aim to deliver the best picture quality, whilst providing durability, and impact absorption.

Made to suit any installation type

3-Layer HD impact screens

Impact screens are the centre point of any golf sim. There are many ways to fit them based on the space availalbe. Our standard method is eyelets around the 3 sides and a pocket along the bottom for cords or bar. Optional Velcro can be sewn into the perminter for attaching side cheeks or padded bumpers

Play golf, Watch golf

Dual purpose screens

Impact screens so good it's hard to decide whether to watch the golf or play it

Fully ntegrated impact screens


Every simualtor setup is unquie and Strikeclub screens reflect this. Fixtures are hidden ensuring no hard impacts are possible, yet the screens maintain perfect tension for a flat ripple free image

A screen for everything

If I'm not golfing then the family have the popcorn out!

Alex Lundy
Ops Director

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