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GCQuad & GCHawk


Launch monitors deliver unprecedented insight into every aspect of your game performance. Meet the most awarded and trusted in the industry.

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The ultimate game changer.


The GCQuad delivers unprecedented ball and club performance data as well as a spectrum of professional features in a compact, ergonomic design.

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Foresight GCHawk

Discover true-to-life golf simulation that fits your space, budget, and lifestyle - and see why having the best doesn't mean paying the most

What we measure

Ball Speed

The measurement of the golf ball's velocity just after impact. Ball speed is the main component in generating distance.

Launch Angle

The Initial angle of vertical ascent relative to the ground. The launch angle combined with spin and ball speed determines the carry and total distance.


The initial horizontal angle relative to the target line. The azimuth combines with side spin will determine the final ball position relative to the target line

Total Spin

The amount of total spin created around the tilt axis is expressed as total spin. This will determine the curve and the lift of the shot.

Spin-Tilt Axis

One of the most important pieces of data captured by the launch monitor. The spin-tilt axis is the axis that the ball rotates around to create the shot curvature and lift.

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